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Zeng Ben Industrial Corp., Ltd. specializes in the production of loudspeaker parts (T-yoke, U-yoke, washer, frame), automotive air-conditioner clutch rotor, coil, armature plate, and iron forging parts using for motorcycle, bicycle and large household appliances. Moreover, Zeng Ben can offer environmental protection via trivalent chromium,yellow zinc and blue zinc plating. Zeng Ben has nearly 30 people in R&D Dept., which can guarantee and complete the development and mass production of new products within 30 days.

Zeng Ben was founded in 1970 by Mr. and Mrs. Pen Shien Tseng in Taoyuan, Taiwan. The chairman Mr. Pen Shien Tseng mainly produced loudspeaker T-yokes for more than forty years. Focusing on product quality, Zeng Ben earned a good reputation within the speaker industry in Taiwan. Now, Zeng Ben is a world-famous supplier of speaker T-yoke parts.

In 1992 Mr. Pen Shien Tseng ran his new factory in his hometown Panyu, Guangzhou. The factory covers 80,000 sq. meter with 43,000 sq. meter of structures, employing 700 workers. The new factory creates an annual turnover of RMB 200 million and annual output of 180 thousand tons. In 2014 Zeng Ben researched and developed a T-yoke, washer and U-yoke for loudspeakers made of a revolutionary new materials - ultra-low carbon steel - which can significantly improve the performance and quality of a speaker.
Zeng Ben invested heavily in a servo system feeding machine 42B (a kind of multi-station molding machine). This machine is one of the only four throughout Asia. The 42B can produce rolled steel with diameter up to 42mm, having six stations. The material can be transformed directly into finished product by the 42B. The capacity for each day can reach 25,000 pcs. The 42B comprehensively improves the accuracy of feeding weight and production efficiency.

Zeng Ben has a quality managing team with professional knowledge. At the same time, Zeng Ben is equipped with Japan imported CMM, profiler, projectors, salt spray testing machine and other advanced testing equipments. We ensure the quality of the products by designing test gauges and controlling dimensions strictly. In 2015, Zeng Ben passed TS16949 certification. 

Zeng Ben Industrial Corp., Ltd. is one of the world's largest integrated manufacturers of loudspeaker bases and brackets.

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